Bubblegum *Hybrid*


BubbleGum is a well-known cannabis strain that has served as the genetic foundation for many popular strains today. According to users, an uplifting euphoria lifts the mind quickly, relieving tension and boosting energy. Bubble Gum is sometimes referred to as being well-balanced since the energy and euphoria stay for a long time before giving way to a calming, relaxing feeling that makes you feel wonderful.

BubbleGum cannabis has a lot of Humulene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene. Fruit and berry scents are prevalent, as well as earthy tones on the exhale.

BubbleGum is a popular cannabis strain due to its high 17 percent THC content and ease of use for both new and seasoned users. This strain can be consumed in small doses throughout the day. In large doses, Bubble Gum may irritate your mouth, so make sure you have lots of water on hand when using it. The flavor profile of this variety is similar to that of its name, with bubble gum and sweet flower notes exploding forth.


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