Ace of Spades *Hybrid*


Ace of Spades is a sweet and sour strain that takes use of the timeless love affair between sweet and sour. This strain, a cross between Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper, has an earthy berry scent with distinctively lemony tastes. Ace of Spades plants grow quickly and need a lot of room because they will become both bushy and tall. Flowering happens at 8 weeks, and the flowers are usually large and hefty. These buds are stunning to look at, with hues that can range from purples to blues to pinks, all capped in orange fur.

The THC concentration is generally about 15% in hemp, with some plants reaching 20%. The onset of the high will start like a sativa variety, putting the user into an elated mood that may include giggling and enhanced creativity. Indica effects begin to creep in gradually, relaxing the body and relieving spasms, pain, stress, and sleeplessness. Because of this, Ace of Spades works best late at night and during the night – frequently creating drowsy atmosphere as the high develops.

The Ace of Spades strain has a candy-like, pleasant fragrance that smells sweet and sour. This strain has a wonderfully distinctive scent thanks to the notes of earthy aromas combined with berry scents and citrus ones.


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